Fighting for Basic Human Rights


I’ve been following the Coalition of Immokalee Workers for over a year now. They have had an uphill struggle just for basic human rights. Hard to believe slavery is still happening in the US today, but it is. The headline in this morning’s article is so Hunian, I had to post it here. Please visit the link if you have a minute.

Much of the problem today is that we have tolerated the intolerable. It is no longer acceptable, to me, to do that. There is a time and a place for compromise and a time to take a stand. In Huna, we don’t take a stand in order to win, but in order to do our best to stop evil – where ever it exists.

That does not mean it’s time to put on your Superman Cape! It means forwarding articles, exposing the Dark into the Light – doing what YOU can do from where you are right now. It’s that simple. Evil/Darkness cannot exist where there is light. A tiny pinpoint of light can expand into a blazing sun :) If everyone pitches in, we can change the world.