My Partners Are Awesome!!


Man, often when Kuo`o and I are talking I am amazed at his wisdom and insight. Many times I wish I had recorded the entire conversation! Neither of us can ever completely reconstruct it. It’s one of those ‘in the moment’ things that we both benefited and grew as the result of.

Tonight it was DeShae’s turn. She made one profound statement after another. I said wait a minute! Please write these down until I can get to pen and paper myself!

And here they are:

1. You can’t help someone by setting a bad example.

2. You can’t give something you don’t have.

3. When you recognize an unhealthy behavior in yourself, you are held accountable from that point forward to work at correcting it.

4. Your Aumakua will not condone or support your allowing another to abuse you or anyone else.*

(*Note: your Aumakua will allow you to have the experience to learn the lesson, but will not support the behavior)

Not too bad for a brief conversation!