A Question Answered


You just never know if, when or where an answer will come from.

Neither Lani nor Max could answer my question about Hunian EvoCon (Evolutionary Consciousness) which was: WHY does the soul split into two parts early on, not half of but neither whole, each to have many separate (from each other) lives and experiences, evolving, growing and eventually  completing their journeys and reuniting and merging back together to become one, an Aumakua – a Higher Self, a God Self for new Uhihipilis and Uhanes when each is ready.

Both Lani and Max admitted that they didn’t know. Lani just shrugged his shoulders and I stopped asking. All they knew was that it happened at the particular stage of evolution.

Today I am reading the book, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon by Machaelle Small Wright. One line, part of a paragraph………..

”One must split in order to understand the reality that is Oneness”

She isn’t Hunian. She wasn’t talking about Huna. But it is the answer I have been seeking for several lifetimes.

Pretty darn cool.