Is Science Finally Catching Up to Religion?


My friend and I were discussing astrology over pizza the other night. It was delightful to watch the light bulbs come on as we briefly discussed one aspect of her natal chart. “Why haven’t I been taught this stuff??” she asked. “I’ve only seen the generic horoscope in the newspaper!! I had no idea it was this intricate or accurate!” Most people don’t. By the time we finished discussing a few planets, she was on fire to learn more.

The generic horoscopes in the newspaper are just that – generic and general. Most people read theirs everyday. Sometimes it’s a fit (so astrology really works!) Most often, it’s too broad to tell. But……Those horoscopes are a blessing. They have kept astrology in public view instead of letting it fade into obscurity the way most of the Sacred Sciences have over the past 2,000 years. Astronomy was born from Astrology, not the other way around. The three wise men were Astrologers, not astronomers.

My point is that Coast to Coast is considered by many to be fringe radio. Weird stuff. Some stuff is weird because it is not understood. Some stuff is weird because it’s just plain weird.

How can you tell the difference? Huna has Reality Checks. Reality Checks are important, especially in these times of information overload. That’s why we wrote the Alanui Course.

Below is this morning’s Coast to Coast summary. It’s the weekend edition from Sunday. If you want to subscribe to C2C so that they will be delivered directly to your email, go to and sign up. The previous night’s shows are summarized in your morning email for those of us who aren’t able to stay up late to listen to the show. You can also sign up for streaming to your computer. Some of the shows will be too out there for you, but many are spot on. Coast to Coast is like the morning horoscope in the newspaper.

Physics, Light, & God:

On Sunday night, physicist, writer and lecturer, Fred Alan Wolf, aka Dr. Quantum,  joined George Noory to discuss how physics is finally understanding the profound implications of God’s command: “Let there be light,” as science and spirituality merge. He outlined three important discoveries in quantum physics: The universe is not made of solid stuff, but is composed of the acts of consciousness that observe and recognize it; there is a mind-field that must be present in order for there to be a universe; and everything in the universe is made of light. He referred to various types of light as “luxon,” which not only includes light we see around us, but electrons, quarks, and other subatomic matter.

Describing the mind-field, he noted that the mind is not contained in the body, but rather the body is contained in the mind, and we are all of this one mind, and not separated from one another. The purpose of life stems from “God wanting to have this experience…we all sense the desire to have life…and as soon as we stop desiring these kinds of cycles, these kinds of dreams, the dream will change,” he stated.

Time loops as demonstrated in the Higgs Field, where particles interact and go backward in time and turn into a loop, fascinatingly hint that time isn’t only a one-way street, he detailed. He spoke about the concepts of deja vu, and the more exciting phenomenon of Jamais vu– “a sudden recognition that something new has just occurred.” Wolf also suggested people become more aware of what is happening in their lives, and by steering away from strictly material goals, they can gain more insight into the mind.

Law of Attraction:

First hour guest, matchmaker Marla Martenson talked about the law of attraction and how people can make things happen. People are electromagnetic beings– like big magnets, and the way they vibrate affects what they attract, she explained. Feelings create vibratory levels, and thoughts create feelings, so one should pay careful attention to their thoughts, and keep them positive, she added.


Meme Warfare

Meme Warfare – excerpt Oak Chezar

“Memes are ideas that travel. Memes spread and infect us – trends, logos, slogans, tune, cultural norms, ideas about race and sex, domination and entitlement. In this culture, 3000 marketing messages are rammed into your neocortex every day. It’s one-way, nonconsensual, and violent. Potent memes can change minds, alter behaviors, and transform cultures. In an authentic culture, the best ideas percolate from the bottom up and win. But in this culture, memes ooze down from the top, and the most repeated ideas win. We live inside this culture-manufacturing machine.

Global capitalism is in its cancer stage, and metastasizing to kill its host, our only planet. We’re the first generation to get our sense of the world mostly through one screen or another. Our “truths” come from our machines, not from contact with the world or each other. Abstractions seem more real than reality: logos, movie stars, the Dow Jones are more real than trees, starving children, or climate change. We are fighting not just the destruction of nature, but the destruction of meaning. How can we win?

Not by technology, and not by force. Only by imagination: the ability to tell ourselves different stories. There’s more to life than being rich, fast, young, thin, beautiful and technologically advanced. We need new ideas, new meaning, new memes. Social change agents spreading our ideas throughout the culture will create maps for getting to there from here. This is the literal battle for the hearts, minds, and attention spans of an ever more anesthetized society. We can consciously, deliberately, and fundamentally redirect the trajectory of history.

What are memes that clearly communicate Life – inter-connectedness, democracy, biocentrism, renewable energy, freedom? Think about it. Pass it on.

excerpt Oak Chezar 2008”

from We’Moon 2011 Gaia Rhythms for Womyn datebook

If you don’t have this datebook or have never seen it, it is worth every penny. The 2011 is the 30th edition. Beautiful.

I do believe there is hope.




Return to Lunacy?

“The term ‘normal’ to indicate the averageness of human behavior hadn’t come into use yet, but the idea was there; there was a human norm, and it was the average man. Whatever in woman differed from this norm was a female weakness, of intelligence, of character, of physique. If the difference was in a direction pleasing to men, in charm, in humble-mindedness, in complaisance and provocation, it was counted to her credit; there was a concerted effort in press and pulpit and in social relations to persuade women to vary as widely as possible toward frames of behavior which did not so much come in conflict with man as supplement and complete him. Every sort of temperamental and intellectual divergence was judged a more or less successful attempt at provocation; and every variation from the male rhythm was a sickness. Pregnancy was a sickness, and the two emergences of woman, the first into complete functional responsibility and the second into unspecialized humanness, were times of uncanny peril, stamped with the indubitable evidence of biological reprobation. You may not believe it, but about that time there was a young man writing in first-class magazines, with all the flourish of authentic science, to prove that women were a sub-species, designed primarily for the purpose of propagation and no other.”

Earth Horizon, by Mary Austin      page 156    Copyright 1932

The right-wing, fundamentalist, conservative cancer that is presently trying to grow and get a secure foothold in this country right now is attempting to return to this lunacy. Young women do not have a clue how it used to be. I don’t think they’d like it.



Happy Cigbo Day!

Happy Cigbo Day!! It’s February 28th already!

This is the beginning of the Huna New Year Celebration. Wooohooo!! It’s self-evaluation time! For the next few weeks (until the Vernal Equinox) we look back over the past year at our accomplishments, unfinished projects (including those unfinished ‘I’ll do better next time’ thoughts). It’s a time of internal and external spring cleaning and it’s as private or as public as you want it to be.

It’s a time to begin preparing the release of those things whose time has come for us to let go or maybe re-evaluate those things and take another approach. It’s a matter of choice – yours. Hang on or let go. It’s up to you. We have a few weeks to get ourselves ready. Sometimes we make letting go so very difficult!

Kind of reminds me of bowling (don’t ask me why, I have no idea. The image just popped into my mind)….If you don’t release the ball, you’ll never make a strike! Anyway, it sounded like a fun analogy. I haven’t been bowling in 30 years. Maybe I’ll go today! See if I can release the ball……..

Do something silly and fun today! Laugh! You get a whole lot more cooperation out of your Unihipili when you’re having fun!

It’s all really about forgiveness……Forgiving ourselves, forgiving others. We are human. We are all making mistakes. We are all entitled to make those mistakes. Hunians choose to take it a step further and make amends – and not do it again! Or try our very best not to do it again. After all, there are plenty of other mistakes we can make! Onward and upward!

Here’s an excerpt from Signposts on the Path about Cigbo Day: Oh? You don’t have your copy yet? Well…..

CIGBO DAY     February 28

According to Kahuna Nui Max Freedom Long, “Huna” was founded on this day in 1872 by Kahuna Ha`ole Nui William Tufts Brigham in Honolulu.

I love Cigbo Day. Cigbo day is a “play-hard” day, a day of silliness and fun. Cigbo was Max’s alter ego, who took the form of a cat. Cigbo was in charge of the cigar box (or kitty), which held the donations and monies sent to Max. Cigbo always managed to get himself into some sort of mischief.

Cigbo Day is the beginning of the season of Makahiki. It is a day of celebration! A time to run thru the house naked yelling the sacred word of celebration: “Yippee!!”

“For the three weeks following Cigbo Day, until the Sun returns on the Vernal Equinox, we ask our Unihipilis to search our hearts and to find halas and hihias, those blocks which shade our aka thread to our Aumakua and make our prayers harder for them to hear. And for each time someone has harmed us and not offered amends, we approach them if possible and ask. If they fail to do that, then we release the hala or hihia in the Hunian manner. And if we have found that we have hurt or failed someone who leaned upon us, who we allowed to lean upon us in faith, then we must go to them and ask for their forgiveness, or they won’t forgive us or we can’t find them, then the same Hunian tradition applies.

For the three weeks following the Cigbo Celebration, we prepare our Spiritual Cleanliness in that manner, preparing for the great Makahiki and its Firewalk, marking the return of the Sun. We celebrate the Cigbo with a party.

So please at least get a cupcake to eat and call someone you love and tell them you love them.” Kahuna Nui Lani




The Hunian New Year; Celebrated on the Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring – the Return of the Sun; time of reawakening. This date has been celebrated for thousands of years by people of all religions and with good reason. It is a time when food supplies which had grown sparse during the winter months would soon be replenished. It is a time of newness and awakening in all of nature. The day and night are equal (balance) and it’s a perfect time to bring balance into your life for the coming year.

We get up in the dark, dress and go out to greet the rising sun for the Dawn Greeting Ceremony.


DAWN  GREETING  CEREMONY breaking of sticks & releasing; setting new intentions

By the day of the Dawn Greeting Ceremony, we have spent the past few weeks privately reviewing the past year. We have examined those intentions we accomplished, those that slipped through the cracks and those still in progress. We have had good talks with ourselves about the people and situations that have hurt us, as well as those we have hurt. It is a time of forgiveness, of self and others. It is NOT a time to beat ourselves up about it (there never is a time for that, by the way).

At the Dawn Greeting Ceremony, we each have a stick. This stick represents all the things we want to release. It is a shared time of privacy. We’re together, but each of us is in our own little world for a few minutes, as long as it takes, to forgive ourselves and others. When we are complete, we break the stick and throw it into the river with gratitude and appreciation. It is our time of new beginnings.

“Why then accuse oneself? Anyone holding on to their mistakes, unable to love and forgive themselves, will also be unable to love and forgive others. What then would be the point of a human relationship?” Bach Flower Therapy Theory and Practice by Mechthild Scheffer pg 136

The day is spent in a festive atmosphere, but is extremely intense because, if we are doing a Firewalk, Its energy and power permeates the very air.

During the time between Cigbo Day and the Vernal Equinox, Spirits from all over begin coming in. By the Day of Celebration, it is quite crowded


What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You?

When I had my herb shop I noticed a phenomena that seemed strange to me until I heard Dr. Christopher say he had observed the same thing. Each week seemed to ‘specialize’ in a particular ailment. Those particular ailments seemed to come in waves. One week every other person who came in had some kind of shoulder pain. The next week people would come in for help with digestive issues and so on. Neither Dr. Christopher nor I have an explanation for it. It’s just interesting.

Now another pattern emerges. The past week several folks have called for help. Their complaint? Ailments they had rid themselves of years ago are coming back.

It is frustrating for them. It is also important.

You’ve heard me say this before, but I will say it again and again. We are immortal souls having a human/physical experience in order to learn and to grow and to evolve on this beautiful planet, which is both a boot camp and a playground.

That must be understood before the rest of the post will make sense.

Our physical body is a barometer for our mental/emotional/spiritual health. It’s the physical vehicle our immortal spirit uses while we are here. We are not a body with a soul, we are a soul with a body. The body is temporary. Our spirit is immortal.

When there is a physical problem in the body, there is an unresolved issue on the soul level. The physical body is letting you know something is out of balance. Once you discover the problem and repair the ‘etheric tear’ the problem goes away never to return.

That can be difficult for our Western minds to grasp.

Humans tend to hold on to old hurts and bury them deeply within our psyche.  As children we may be told “it’s not important” “you’ll forget about it” or “you’re overreacting” etc. We lose touch with our feelings and often begin misinterpreting them. These hurts become like the grain of sand that irritates the oyster. We cover them up, but they do not become pearls. They become stones blocking the light which eventually manifests in the physical body.

Consequently, until we figure out what that hurt is, let it go, stop blaming others, learn to forgive and then CHANGE OUR OLD PATTERNS, the problem will return over and over until we get the lesson. We will continue to find ourselves cast in the same script that we have acted in all of our lives. Our personal play will continue with different characters, different costumes on different stages until we get tired of it and do something about it.

Whether it’s an ailing shoulder, a twisted ankle, cancer, digestive problem, colon problem – whatevert, it is a message.

Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life is a gold mine. Even though it was published in the 1980s, it is still relevant today. She figured out how to cure herself of cancer! Thirty years ago that was unheard of. It’s a good read.



You’re Probably Not Losing Your Mind

Over the past week a dozen or more people have called me to ask if they were losing their minds or if I have a clue what is going on. I do, actually.

Each one was describing the same thing – feeling spacey, problems with short term memory, ill tempered, bouts of insomnia followed by can’t-get-enough-sleep, etc.

These questioners ages ranged from folks in their twenties to folks in their seventies. Their spiritual practices varied from ‘whatever’ to fundamentalist….I think you get my point. It’s across the board regardless of gender, age or religion.

Like animals before an earthquake, we are all feeling the tension that is present – and it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s scary because it’s unfamiliar. It feels like our very foundation is crumbling beneath our feet. Familiar paradigms are dissolving before our eyes. The reality that we once knew is changing and it’s changing faster than we seem to be able to keep up.

These are changing times, but it may not be what you think – or have been mislead to believe.

Vibrations are raising at an unprecedented rate. Undefined seasons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, severe weather are a few examples of physical change.

Are humans completely responsible for this? Nope. It’s right on schedule. We’re not helping anything with the pollution we’re responsible for – physical as well as mental & emotional – but we are not the total cause. Some humans are arrogant enough to think so, though.

No, those folks who called are not losing their minds. Nor is it the End Of The World as the Doomsayers would love for us to believe (and therefore enrich them by buying their stuff).

Hmmmm…….With a little bit of luck, all the evil ones won’t get this memo and will go ahead and lock themselves in their secret underground bunkers for several hundred years. I wonder which ones would actually survive……but I digress. Oh, right…..another symptom of the times is feeling like you’ve suddenly developed ADHD and you get easily distracte

Usually by shiny things.

Now where was I? Oh, right.

Bear with me here…..

We are in a fantastic transition. It isn’t like a birth, it is a birth. Anyone who has given birth or been present at any birth of a human baby or baby animal knows that the birthing process is messy and occasionally smelly. There’s blood, poop, assorted bodily fluids, and usually a lot of noise. Giving birth is painful. Labor pains h.u.r.t… but when it’s all said and done, it is worth the trouble, pain and effort. Birth of new life is miraculous. It’s God’s way of saying Life Should Go On.

The obvious early labor pains for this particular birthing began in the 60s – no kidding. Remember, Earth-Time is a human concept. Fifty years isn’t even a blink of an eye on a cosmic scale.

Each one of us chose to be here to help with this transition to the best of our abilities. We are sorta like Spiritual Midwives. Some of us are squealing like Prissy in Gone With The Wind that we don’t know nothing bout birthin!

And we don’t. These are unprecedented times! That’s what makes it so exciting and so damn scary. We are in uncharted territory. Quite an adventure, really. As Lani used to say “Scary, fun times.” I’m not too sure about the fun part myself.

It’s certainly not without risk. Just remember……we are IMMORTAL SOULS HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Some will transition to the Other Side to help. It’s ok. Some will tough it out here and some will stick their heads in the sand and hope it will all go away. We’ll make mistakes, we’ll get it right and we’ll go on. Watch and see.

What can you do?

Do your best to be a Crewmember instead of a Needy Guest. Know when to move and when to be still. Trust your intuition. Develop a relationship with your Aumakua (Higher Self). They have the bigger picture than we do. Your Aumakua (Higher Self) is always there when you call on It, but must be invited to take Its part in your life.

Remember to say the Hunian Grace “All my relations, Thank You for your sacrifice” before eating or drinking anything. It only takes a second and no one even has to know. You don’t have to be Hunian or Shamanic. The words combined with your intention helps to heal the gaping wound in the chain of life. Now THAT we humans are responsible for. We developed a complete disrespect for life that is considered to be sub-human. Our arrogance is costing us dearly. Were it not for THEIR (yes, animals, plants, minerals) compassion for us, we’d be screwed. We are close to the tipping point, but it can be changed. You can help if you will. Please.

We are all in this together. It will become clearer that we are all connected, we are all one and our physical forms are part of and connected to this Earth.

No one can say “Your side of the lifeboat is sinking.”



PS – As I was getting ready to post this a friend asked me if I had heard of a couple of other women who have written about this midwifery concept. I have not heard of either one nor read anything they’ve written. This is in the Collective Consciousness. Learn to trust your intuition!!!


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Happy Groundhog Day!


Happy Groundhog Day! It’s a great Cross Quarter Day and the day of the New Moon!


Cross Quarter Days are the midpoints between equinoxes and solstices and had great significance for our ancestors who were so closely connected to Nature.

Here’s a beautiful piece by Jane Galer, award winning poet and author:

“Whether you live in northern snow, or the southwestern sun, or the green and wet isolation of the coast like I do, I hope you come to this day of midwinter with a sigh and a sense of peace. Imbolc (pronounced Im-olc) is the ancient Celtic day that marks the halfway point between the solstice and the equinox. This is a cross-quarter day then, a reminder that time is moving and we have obligations. In ancient times, perhaps we simply cleaned out our fireplace, set aside a burning taper, cleaned out the ashes, and then kindled the warming fires of winter again. This was a safety issue, a housekeeping issue, and yet it has deeper implications. This is a night time moment, a time to clear out the “ashes” of our lives, kindle a stronger fire, a stronger sense of purpose for ourselves. This is a time to notice whether we have done the work of winter. Have we told the stories we need to tell? Have we rested, feasted, and shared our hearth with our larger community?

When Christianity came to the Celts, Imbolc became Candlemas. February 2nd, a fixed date instead of the mutable date engendered by Sun reaching the middle of Aquarius. Candlemas suggests a lovely ceremony. Gather those you connect with around a fire, each with a candle and a prayer; sing, feast, share and encourage the great work of winter. Make a circuit or procession with candle as your only light. Honor grandmother Moon, the candle is her light. Slow down, it’s winter, remember the ancestors and their stories, dream deeply.”

<Thanks to Dana Gerhart for posting this beautiful piece on Facebook>

The New Moon is this evening, so this is the time to set your intentions for the coming lunar cycle (month), if you enjoy ritual ceremony. I certainly do. Light a white candle, write out your wishes and either bury them in the ground like a seed or burn them with the intention of sending the message upward. Have a cup of the Hunian Sacred Sacrament, Awa. Enjoy the moment.

This is also the day before the Chinese New Year. We are entering the year of the Golden Rabbit!

By the way, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an Early Spring this year, NOT 6 more weeks of winter! Woohoo! Thanks!!