Intro. to Hawaiian Huna Magic by Don Aipoalani

Explore the ancient Hawaiian Huna principles and spiritual healing while learning to apply and incorporate them to enhance the quality of your everyday life.

Rev. Don Aipoalani invites you to:

– Grow and strengthen spirituality through the use of Huna
– Learn to apply the powerful Huna principle, “energy flows where attention goes”, which is the Law of Attraction
– Support yourself and others by experiencing the Huna/Aloha Spirit
– Become the Huna Magician

In this volume, you will learn:

– Hawaiian Alphabet
– Definition of Huna and Kahuna
– Huna Breath
– Aloha Chant
– Huna Principles
– How to Create Mana Power
– The 3 Selves
– The Healing Water Tchnique
– Candle Ritual Using Huna

Huna And The Three Selves by Serge King

Serge King explains the principles of the 3 Selves, though he uses different names than Max Freedom Long.

Serge King is reported to have studied Huna with Huna Research organization in his early career. He ended up being a Kahuna through another tradition. Though he doesn’t represent the Max Freedom Long lineage, he is certainly one of the most well known Huna teachers today.

Part 1

Part 2

3 Key Principles to Huna

Question: How can I use Huna for myself?

Answer: That is a great “selfish” question if you understand how far you can go with Huna.

1. First, decide what you want for yourself. You must be very specific. That was the very thing Max said in his first Huna Bulletin in 1948. You must decide what you want and stick to it. Lani says, “Pray as if you can’t get out of bed without the help of your Aumakua, and live your life as if your Aumakua doesn’t exist.”

2. The second step is to improve your ability to be Self Sourcing in your life and to do the TMHG.

If you are Self Sourcing you take complete ownership and responsibility for your actions and their consequences. If you want to be happy, decide to be happy. If you want a friend, be a friend. You don’t need anything external to yourself in order to be happy, for example, for you are the source of your happiness, and the fulfillment of all your needs

3. The third step though would be to stop and ask yourself what is the most important thing that you want. Max said that the most important thing you can seek in life is to Graduate into an Aumakua. I know this may be hard to fathom. What if you made your agenda in life to spiritually grow and evolve as much as possible and still enjoy your life? That is probably the most important thing you can strive for.

There are things you can do right now to cause growth.

Spiritual growth occurs naturally by being alive. Daily challenges cause a person to grow even if the person lives poorly. By waking up in the morning there is some evolution. Challenge polishes a person’s soul. Image the friction of life causing spiritual growth similar to how oysters create pearls because of the grain of sand rubbing against it.

You have a choice in the challenges you take on for yourself. What if the concerns you handle are in the service of other people, not just your own well being? Isn’t this something that we all long for? To make a difference for other people?

Service to other people puts a person on an accelerated spiritual growth path. You still get the struggles for the growth, but the lesson come quicker because you have chosen this rather than having it forced upon you.